PuppySteps Dog Training Classes Cambourne Cambridgeshire

Puppy Training

Caldecote: Thursday evenings in term-time

 PuppySteps Dog Training Cambridge – Jan with Katie and Rebecca runs 6 week courses at Caldecote Village Institute Hall, every Thursday evening in term time. Sessions start at 6.30pm or 7.30pm and last about 50 minutes. We book a maximum of 6 or sometimes 7 puppies.

It's indoors, and we spend at least half of each session on practical training basics, and the rest on chatting about such things as nipping and jumping up, while the pups learn to settle beside you. It’s also your chance to ask about any queries or problems you might be having! We also offer a session on ‘loose-lead walking’ – ie, not pulling! – outside on the grass on about Week 3 or 4, either before or after the class. And each week you receive a brief information sheet as a reminder.

To book or for more details please email Jan at classes@pdtc.co.uk  or phone me on 01954 719588



 Impington: Weekends 10.30am

CCEG runs puppy classes at our field in Impington every Saturday and Sunday morning at 10.30am. You will cover the basics needed to have a well-behaved family dog, like - Sit - Down – Stand - Walking to Heel - Coming when called - plus all the elements of the Kennel Club Puppy Foundation Award. The session finishes with 10 minutes of fun Agility suitable for puppies, like going through the tunnel and over the dog walk. Any problems? – you can ask one of the instructors over coffee! Visit www.cceg.co.uk for more information.


Thinking of Getting a Puppy?

If you are thinking about getting a new puppy, please DO LOTS OF RESEARCH about what your chosen puppy might be like when it grows up. It’s very upsetting for both dogs and owners if you are just unsuited to each other and struggling.      

Different breeds are REALLY different, not just in looks but in temperament, behaviour, reactions and energy levels, because they still have the instincts for the jobs they were bred for. And a cross-breed pup will be an absolute lucky dip of the breeds it comes from!

Even within a breed there can be vastly different types. For instance the show and working strains of breeds like the Labrador, Golden Retriever, or the Cocker/Working Cocker: the working strains tend to be lighter-built, fast-reacting and busy-busy, often rather too workaholic or energetic (manic?!) for the average home, whereas the show types are generally larger and more relaxed, laid-back characters, more likely to be very happy in the role of family pet.

Do come along to one of the training sessions at CCEG or PDTC. You will be able to meet a number of different breeds and cross-breeds, see them being trained, talk to us and the owners and learn more about what might suit you - the good points from your point of view and also perhaps some potential difficulties!

Pups learn a lot about how to deal with life by the time they are 8 weeks old – for good or ill - and especially from their mum. So ask searching questions of the breeder and expect to be grilled in return. Find out where and how the pups have been housed. Make sure you see mum and find out what she’s like.


Puppy Home visits

For those unable to attend Classes, Jan, and also Vickie Arkesden from CCEG, offer 1 to 1 training sessions. If you are interested in these or would just like advice on training or the behaviour of your puppy, please see the CCEG website for individual contact details, or email classes@pdtc.co.uk