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Looking For Socialisation and Training Classes For Your Puppy or Dog?

We offer 6 week puppy courses on Thursday evenings in term time, at Caldecote Village Hall.

Our classes are encouraging, relaxed and friendly - for owners and pups!

Our aim is to build your pups’ confidence and get them off to a good start with positive socialisation experiences, meeting other pups of differing breeds and types, and to help you as owners with training and managing your pups’ often exuberant behaviour(!) so that they happily fit in to your life.

Our priority is not to make money, we just take expenses and pay our overheads, and donate what we make to dog charities. In the first 2 financial years we have donated £1150 to Medical Detection Dogs and £50 to Blue Cross.

Who we are

Jan and Katie began seriously learning about dog training with our own young pups from Alan Cole at CCEG. Jan has been instructing classes for puppies, young and adult dogs since 1998 and Katie since last year, with the support, advice and encouragement of Alan and the CCEG team. As PuppySteps Dog Training Cambridge, we also run the puppy courses at Caldecote.


Jan Burrell, B.Sc.(Hons) Biol. Sci.

Kennel Club Accredited Instructor in Companion Dog Training

The following link has information on the KCAI scheme and the Code of Practice- http://www.thekennelclub.org.uk/training/kcai/

I trained both my Boxer and my next dog, a rescue - possibly a Retriever x Mastiff but who knows - through to their KC Good Citizen Gold Awards. I now have a young Labrador, so the delights of coping with a new puppy are very fresh in my mind! I have attended many practical and theory courses in dog training and instructing, including 4 five-day courses, with seminars ranging from Turid Rugaas to Terri Ryan, Prof Daniel Mills, Dr Ian Dunbar; and practical sessions with eg, Roy Hunter, H.M. Prison Dog Service(!), Philippa Williams, scent work with Anna-Lille Kvam, Pam MacKinnon, and Animal Aiders First Aid Training courses; and most recently play workshops with Craig Ogilvie. I am always seeking to expand my understanding and experience.

We had family Dachshunds and a Fox Terrier as I grew up, and I handled and rode horses, but I started proper dog training with my Boxer pup in 1994, sparking a continuing enthusiasm to learn about dog training, development, body language and behaviour. I really enjoy passing that knowledge on to others, and especially love the challenge of finding a way of training or solving a problem that will suit a particular dog and handler.


Katie Cheung

Katie has lived with GSDs and Collie crossbreeds from childhood, and so has lots of hands-on experience with the working breeds and the typical collie issues such as herding and dog-dog fear aggression. Living in the Middle East, she adopted a feral pup from a litter found in the desert and, through her, learnt how to help pups with extreme fear issues. She now lives with Bonnie the GSD cross and likes to think she's in charge! In her day job as a speech therapist working with children and their parents, she particularly employs lateral thinking and a creative approach, both of which she is able to bring to puppy training. She is patient and encouraging with both people and dogs.

Katie works with Jan at PuppySteps classes on Thursdays and with Tracey in the CCEG puppy training classes on Sundays. Special area of interest: GSDs, collies, behaviour and puppies, puppies, puppies!

Rita Charter

Rita is our support team! She welcomes new owners on week 1, keeps the paperwork in order, and is in charge of enrolment – but really she comes to cuddle the puppies!


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